Raw Dog Food Ingredients and Frozen Dog Food

Frozen Dog Food

Frozen dog food diets and raw food diets are calm questionable. A few specialists like them while others trust them to be risky to pets and individuals both. These diets have picked up in notoriety since the 2008 review of colossal quantities of financially arranged food diets. In any case, these dog food diets still stay disputable. Frozen canine foods are raw foods which are economically created and pre-bundled. These diets permit dog proprietors the advantage of giving their dogs raw meat diets without doing as much readiness the same number of the home-cooked dog food diets requires. Hamburger, chicken, sheep, venison, and other raw meat items are the substance of the frozen canine food. On the off chance that you need to have an extremely pleasant frozen canine food, simply attempt the Bil-Jac Frozen Dog Food. It won’t just bring your dog such fulfillment yet it will likewise guarantee the nature of the food which ought to be sustained in your exquisite dog. It is in excess of an extraordinary day by day treat, as well!

Raw dog food is great for puppies, and really, they can start to eat that from the time that they’re weaned. You generally find that a puppy needs about twice as much energy as an adult dog of the weight that that puppy is then which is around about 4% of their body weight they would need. They need the most between four and five months when they’re growth is at its peak. Some raw dog food for puppies is minced slightly smaller, so that’s great if you have a particularly small breed of dog as well.

Because the pieces will be smaller, be easier for them to eat and digest and another great benefit of raw food is that you can choose a variety of flavors for them. So you could start to introduce them to chicken and beef, perhaps some wild rabbit as well, and turkey and a puppy that’s introduced to this sort of range of proteins very young, is much less likely to suffer from flavor fatigue as they get older and it really opens them up to a really broad range of nutrients. So from a young age, raw food is absolutely fantastic for puppies.

Is Raw Dog Food Frozen?

If you’re purchasing your raw dog food from a local shop or from an online retailer that’s delivering it to you, then yes it will come frozen. It comes in several forms, the simplest one that I find is a mince form. There are some manufacturers that they make it look a little bit like a hamburger or a sausage. The packet size is generally between 250 grams, 500 grams, and up to a kilo, if you’re looking at that minced form and to give you an idea of how much space that will take up in your freezer, six of the one kilogram tubs is about one freezer drawer full. So the freezing’s actually a really important part of the manufacture of the food, as well, because it’s what enables the makers of the food to ensure that the bacteria has been killed, so it’s a self and health safe which ensures that the manufacturers of the food can really be sure that the bacteria has killed, and makes it a safe and healthy food for your dog.


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