Switching To Raw Dog Food and Negative Effects Of Raw Dog Food

Dog Food Harms

Scientists assert that raw food furnishes dogs with a more regular method for eating. Dogs are carnivores. Eating raw food enables them to all the more precisely relate to their environment. A more regular diet prompts less medical issues when the dog is more established. Dog proprietors who have given their dogs raw dog food assert that their pets had included vitality for eating the raw food. In the event that your dog is experiencing vitality issues, you can unquestionably attempt this diet. Keep in mind that dogs will respond to food in various ways. What gives one dog included vitality may make another dog wiped out. It will be an instance of experimentation. Try not to be hesitant to attempt it.

Switching your dog to a raw food diet is actually quite a simple process. It is possible to just switch them straight away but we generally recommend a slightly slower approach to it so as to avoid any stomach upsets along the way. So really, we’d be looking to switch a dog over a period of say seven to 14 days. Some dogs can take much longer if they’ve only ever been used to one flavor of food, say chicken, before, then they might take a little bit longer to switch over and some senior dogs take longer to switch over as well.

But generally, the method we found to work best is to give your dog one meal of their normal food, say in the morning, and then in the evening, give them the raw food, and then to keep that process going over seven days, while you monitor how they’re feeling and you’ll notice, obviously if they’re sick, you’ll know that you need to slow that process down a little bit, and if they seem to be just getting on with it fine, then you can gradually take away that food, their original food in the morning and give them two meals of raw, and then you’ll have made the switch, so as I said, generally, it’s somewhere between seven and 14 days but it’s certainly not a race and it doesn’t matter if it takes your dog longer to make the switch.

Will Raw Dog Food Make My Dog Aggressive?

Feeding a raw food diet is very unlikely to make your dog aggressive. There are no proven studies to show this. It will certainly give them more energy. So it’s unlikely that that will be translated into aggression providing they’re getting the proper exercise and discipline at home. They could possibly guard their food a little more than they did, because they’re enjoying it so much and it’s a really high value food for them. But behavioral changes in dogs can sometimes be a sign of something else going on. So if you are noticing changes in behavior it might be an idea to just book a visit to the vet and take them there. It’s unlikely to be a direct link between the raw food and aggression, but as I said, behavioral changes can be a sign of something else going on with your dog. So always get your vet to check that out.


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