Benefits Of Raw Dog Food and Dog Drinking Less On Raw Food Diet

Dog Food Benefits

In the event that you don’t have any children at that point dogs can be a stunning substitute and on the off chance that you do have a family, you definitely know the gigantic advantages that the family dog can bring! In view of that, it bodes well to need your most loved fuzzy companion to be very much taken care of, feeling sound and fiery with and a brilliant and glossy coat, and obviously you need them to be with you as a pivotal piece of the family for whatever length of time that cheerfully conceivable! With regards to tending to those variables, putting your dog on a raw dog food diet is outstanding amongst other choices you can make in guaranteeing he or she gets the most ideal nutrition.

The benefits of raw dog food really stem from the fact this is the type of diet that your dog has evolved to eat over years and years since they were really part of the wolf pack as well. Some of the things that will notice straight away when switch your dog to raw dog food, they’ll have fresher breath and cleaner teeth, their coat will begin to look shinier and glossier. Their poos will be smaller, firmer and less stinky so that’s always a bonus.

Some of the things you might not notice which we’ll be going on inside your dog. Their digestive health will improve dramatically and a dog that’s being a raw diet has a much more acidic stomach than a dog on a dry food diet and what this means is that they’re better able to digest the bone as it comes through so that’s one reason why bones aren’t dangerous for dogs fed a raw diet and also it inhibits the amount of time that bacteria has got to be absorbed through the gut so it actually cuts down on the risk of infection from food if the dog has a more acidic gut which is part of one of the benefits of a raw food diet.

Why Is My Dog Drinking Less Now They Are On A Raw Food Diet?

A dog that eats a raw food diet will probably drink less water than one on a dry food diet because they’re getting that water that they need from their food. Dogs are not really like us humans. They don’t drink for pleasure, they drink out of necessity. So whilst is important to make sure that you’ve always got fresh water available for your dog, you’ll probably see him going to his bowl less often than when he was on a dry food diet. A dry diet can contain as little as 10% water whereas a raw food diet can be up to 70% because they’ll be getting lots of moisture from the muscle meat that’s contained in the diet so completely normal to see them drinking less. Obviously if you are concerned that they’re not drinking at all, then you might want to make a trip to the vet, but in general, you would expect to see a dog drink less when it’s on a raw food diet.


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