Best Dry and Wet Dog Food Brands and Does Raw Dog Food Contain Vegetables and Offa?

Dog Food Brands

Choosing only one brand from the many available dog food brands can now and then be a daunting task for a dog proprietor. There are many alternatives on the racks at your local pet supply store that are all offering to furnish your dog with the nourishment that he needs keeping in mind the end goal to carry on with a long and healthy life. The reality is that simply like there are individuals low quality nourishments, there are several brands of dog food that can be considered lousy nourishments. They will probably have a ton of fillers that hold practically no nutritional value for your dog.

Best Dry Dog Food Brands

  1. Barf-treats with Venison meat. The perfect snack or reward for your pet.
  2. Potato stars with chicken. These snacks are pure natural products that contain neither color nor preservatives.
  3. Adult Multicroc. Perfectly suited for everyday feeding and provides your pet with everything he needs.
  4. Breeder Line sensitive. Suitable for dogs with a sensitive digestive system.
  5. Freeze Dried Beef Feast. Premium recipe that’s full of concentrated nutrition and flavor.
  6. Carrot pellets. Strengthens the immune system and promotes vitality.

Best Wet Dog Food Brands

  1. Canine Energy Plus. Special food for digestive sensitive dogs.
  2. Hypoallergenic lamb meat. Neither cereals and vegetables nor potatoes are contained, which makes them ideal for sensitive dogs.
  3. Canine Diabetes. Scientifically developed for dogs with special nutritional requirements.
  4. Adult horse meat. With potatoes and Greek yoghurt for adult dogs, Made exclusively from freshly slaughtered meat.
  5. Hypoallergenic Goat meat. Made of best selected ingredients and is suitable for all sensitive and allergic dogs.
  6. Hypoallergenic ostrich meat with parsnip. This meal is suitable for adult dogs that suffer from allergies and should be fed an exclusion diet.

Why Does Raw Dog Food Contain Vegetables?

Raw dog food will also contain vegetables as well as muscle meat and bone, to give your dog the full range of nutrients that it needs and you’ll be giving your dog essential sugars and starches as well as fiber which will help them with their digestion. You won’t see the carbohydrates in the form of grains and pulses, so that’s why we keep the vegetables in there so that they’re getting a natural plant based carbohydrate in their diet, and it also means that they can get some of the nutrients which aren’t available in the muscle meat and the bones that your dog will be eating as well.

Does Raw Dog Food Contain Offal?

If you’re looking to buy a quality raw dog food you’ll be looking for one that contains offal generally not more than about 10% of the total of the meal and you’ll usually find that that would be a mixture of heart, liver and kidney. You can get raw food that doesn’t contain offal which is great for some dogs with sensitive stomachs or some that are making the switch. So generally we start a dog off on a sensitive recipe so that their stomach gets time to adjust to the richness of a raw food diet. But overall you want to be looking to buying a raw dog food that has about a 10% offal content.


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