Common Foods Which Are Toxic To Dogs


Toxic commercial dog food has as of late come into the media spotlight and it is at present being investigated by established researchers. Cornell College of Veterinary Medicine is at present conducting examines on the liver and blood of debilitated dogs accepted to have consumed toxic dog food. Researchers at Cornell are analyzing commercial dog food suspected to be contaminated and analyzing the liver of dead dogs that have passed because of premature liver failure.

  1. Number one is alcohol. Giving your dog a sip of beer might seem like a good idea, but alcohol is actually extremely toxic for dogs. Alcohol and foods containing alcohol can cause diarrhea, tremors, difficulty breathing, and even death.
  2. One really common one that a lot of people don’t know about is avocado. Avocado is an ingredient in some dog foods but if it is not properly prepared it can be toxic especially the peel and pit of the avocado.
  3. Number 3 is grapes and raisins. Grapes and raisins have actually been known to cause kidney damage and even kidney failure in dogs. So make sure you keep those away from your dog. Especially considering how commonplace it is for us to eat raisins and grapes as a snack.
  4. Number 4 milk and dairy. Now dogs lack the enzyme to break down lactose. So this can cause upset stomachs, diarrhea, and even vomiting. So avoid giving your dog any kind of milk or ice cream, things along that line because otherwise their stomach’s not going to be too happy.
  5. Number 5 is spices like onion and garlic. Now onion and garlic on their own or in powdered or dried form, these foods can actually cause red blood cell damage and if you’re lucky just diarrhea. So even if you baked that chicken with garlic or onion, keep it away from your dog.
  6. Number 6 is raw or uncooked meat. Now we’ve all heard of the raw food diet for dogs. But that doesn’t mean you go to the grocery store and pick up some raw chicken and feed it to Fido. Uncooked meats can contain e coli and salmonella, and that’s not something you want your dog to end up with.
  7. Number 7 excess salt, you don’t want to feed your dog a whole lot of salt. The consumption of too much salt for a dog can lead to tremors diarrhea and even death. So avoid giving them any of our snacks like chips and popcorn.
  8. Number 8 is Xylitol. But this ingredient is an artificial sweetener that is found in many different food products, like gum, candy, and baked goods if your dog ingests this it can actually lead to lower blood sugar levels. They can experience a loss of coordination, lethargy and more. So avoid giving any artificially sweetened foods.
  9. Number 9 is citrus fruits. Like milk and dairy citrus fruits can cause diarrhea, vomiting and no one wants to clean that up.
  10. Number 10 might seem like a good idea but bones, especially chicken bones. These can splinter in your dogs throat and cause an expensive trip to the vet. These are not prepared for a dogs needs. The risk is too high that they might choke on it.


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