Dog Food For Puppies and Mixing Raw and Dry Dog Food

Puppies Dog Food

But what precisely makes up the correct raw dog food diet that contains enough of the best possible supplements? For a begin, clearly a lot of raw meats and huge succulent raw substantial bones! Dogs get a lot of protein from the raw meats which are imperative for a pooch’s safe framework and general wellbeing. Because of the substantial bones, your dog gets stores of calcium and phosphorus. These two imperative minerals helps keep your dogs bones solid and sound and additionally helping pregnant dogs help fabricate solid puppies. It’s not all meat but rather, similar to any adjusted diet there ought to likewise be a lot of raw vegetables and organic product. Vegetables will give your dog fundamental vitamins A; B, C and in addition K which helps keep visual perception in great condition and additionally other tangible organs. A raw dog food diet additionally gets a great deal of fiber from vegetables which likewise aid your dogs’ stomach related framework.

Raw dog food is great for puppies and really they can start to eat that from the time that they’re weaned you generally find that a puppy needs about twice as much energy as an adult dog of the weight that that puppy is then. We choose around about four percent of their body weight, they would need. The need the most between four and five months when they’re growth is at its peak. Some raw dog food for puppies is minced slightly smaller so that’s great if you have a particularly small breed of dog as well because the pieces will be smaller, be easier for them to eat and digest.

Another great benefit of raw food is that you can choose a variety of flavors for them. You could start to introduce them to chicken, beef, perhaps some wild rabbit as well and turkey and a puppy that’s introduced to this range of proteins very young is much less likely to suffer from flavor fatigue as they get older and it really opens them up to a really broad range of nutrients. From a young age, raw food is absolutely fantastic for puppies.

Can I Mix Raw And Dry Dog Food?

In general, we try to avoid mixing raw and a kibble, or dry food in a meal unless it’s during the switch over period, and you’re finding that your dog is taking a little bit longer to make the switch to raw. Raw food and kibble will digest at different speeds, so the raw will be much quicker and the kibble slower, because of the high grain content. So it can become a little bit uncomfortable for your dog. It’s certainly fine for a short period during that switch over, but it’s not something that we would recommend long term.

As your dog moves onto a raw food diet, its stomach will become more acidic, which means that the passage of food through the gut is quicker, meaning that there’s less time for any bacteria to be absorbed into them, and, obviously, leading to better digestive health and a kibble diet will keep the stomach slightly more alkaline, so not quite acidic enough to aid that transition of the raw through the gut. So as a general rule, we’d say try not to mix raw and kibble in the same meal.


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