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Bad Dogs Food

There was an immense review by Nature’s Recipe in 1995 (they pulled a huge number of huge amounts of dry dog food off of the racks) which made them lose around twenty million dollars. This all came to fruition when buyers that grumbled their dogs were retching and had loss of craving. An organism that delivered vomitoxin (a dangerous substance created by shape) was found to have debased the wheat in that brand. Despite the fact that it causes retching, loss of hunger, looseness of the bowels, and so on., vomitoxin is milder than generally poisons. The more unsafe poisons can cause weight misfortune, liver harm, weakness, and even passing, as found in the Doane case. What occurred next should give all dog parental figures cause to respite and ponder what’s going on with our purported “Guard dogs” in the administration organizations. On the other hand, in 1999, another parasitic poison was discovered that murdered 25 dogs. This caused the review of dry dog food made by Doane Pet Care (creator of O’l Roy, Walmart’s image, in addition to 53 different brands).

If you’re like me your dogs are not just pets, they’re part of the family and we want them to live happy, healthy and above all LONG lives. We know that sadly our dog’s life span is much shorter than ours, but the good news is we can prolong it considerably by how we care for them.


One of the main ways we stay healthy is through our diet. The same applies to our dogs and as it’s the one thing over which we have complete control, it’s important to know what foods are bad for dogs, and it’s not what you might think. The pet food industry is highly competitive and worth billions a year. You might think that by buying the most expensive and ‘best’ brands you are giving your pet the best possible diet but I’m afraid this isn’t necessarily so. After losing his dog at a relatively young age Andrew Lewis made a study of commercial dog foods and the results he discovered will shock and horrify you. He discovered that ‘chemical and preservative free’ labeled dog food is often chock-full of deadly poisons, and which 3 deadly, cancer-causing, organ damaging preservatives to look for.

He will tell you how to read and understand the labels on the can or bag to know if the food is safe for your dog And how ‘well known’ doesn’t equal ‘healthy’ and the disgraceful facts about Gourmet or Premium dog foods. He makes some revelations that are, quite frankly, too awful but you can learn about from Andy himself in a minute. You’ll also learn the 20 deadliest human foods you might give your dog thinking you are giving him a treat, but which instead might be killing him and most importantly, after his extensive testing, you will get Andy’s list of the 9 very best, ultra-healthy commercial dog foods available that meet his super-high standards, so that you can feed your dog safe in the knowledge that his food is good for him! There are countless testimonials from happy dog owners of now healthy dogs, who have viewed Andrew’s video and read his book. If you too, are eager for your dog to have a happy, healthy and above all, LONG life.


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