How To Make Fresh Dog Food?

Fresh Dog Food

When it comes to feeding our pets there’s a lot of filler out there right and stuff you can buy at the store that’s right and it’s also not just the ingredients that are in a lot of commercial dog foods that can be problematic. It’s also the processing methods. They cook them at very high temperatures and they use preservatives to keep the food fresh for why should stay fresh for very long periods of time. So there are things you want to avoid when you get commercial dog foods. So let’s break it down here. Lola and Baxter again is your company name. Let’s talk a little bit about the products that you’ve brought today and what the ingredients are in them great.

So we have our organic dog treats and we have our fresh dog food. So in our organic treats they all have the same base this is two of our treats or frosted treats and our blueberry bacon treats they have a brown rice flour, arrowroot flour, tapioca flour, coconut oil, baking soda and that’s basically what entails the base of the food that sounds delicious that sounds like something that I would eat you can literally eat this yourself plus they’re cute. They’re in the shape of state of Texas. I love that let’s talk about some of these entries you have a fresh beef recipe over her so all of our recipes have the same vegetable base and then they have an animal based protein as well we have our beef chicken and turkey and all of them have quinoa, sweet potatoes, celery, carrots, green beans, collard greens, squash spinach. We do a ground egg shell for the calcium and then we do a bunch of vitamins depending on the recipe vitamins EBV kelp. we do fish oils in all of them and then we do some pumpkin seed oil on some of them as well so the ingredients really I mean this sounds like stuff that humans could eat and are there things that people should be looking for. I mean let’s say I’m headed to the store later to buy some food for my pet.

What should I keep an eye out for what should I avoid. So what I would say to the average dog food consumer is to do the research on the brands that you’re buying a lot of the dog foods out there are based off of marketing and their packaging and it’s super important to find out if there’s been recalls on any dog foods that are on the shelves. Even if there are recalls lot of times companies can leave their food on the shelves it’s very important to keep yourself informed from that perspective and we really are fresh food Crusaders. We are out to tell everyone to add more fresh food to your dog’s diet meals. You can do it at home very easily you can do coconut oil you can do a crack drag. If you choose to do a draw a dry food you can add chicken broth and you can get your own veggies from the store. If you want to get fresh veggies if you want to get frozen veggies and just add that to your dog’s diet you’re going to notice a huge difference to the quality of life.


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