How To Make Giant M and M Treats For Dogs?


First I’m going to cut the beef into pieces so that it is easy to grind. I don’t really want the tendon parts in my ground beef, so I will cut those out. I wrapped the meat and hit them with a meat chopper to chop them If I don’t wrap this out I will get meat all over the place. Now I will use my blender to blend this nicely to get fine ground beef and it sort of looks like strawberry cream. Now I will add one teaspoon of carob powder just to make sure they turn out to be brown. This can be used to make chocolaty snacks for dogs. Since there are 6 m&m colors I made 30 balls, meaning 5 balls of each color and one big m&m with the leftover.


I steamed them first for about 20 minutes Since they stuck to each other I separated them with a baking sheet. They weren’t dark enough, so I put them in the oven at low heat for another 20 minutes or so same process for the big m&m. Just take more time. I cooled them a while. I used toothpicks to pick them, so that it is easy to coat and dry. I used four toothpicks for the big one, so that I can dip it in and take it out easily. Now it’s time to coat the tiny beef balls with colors I tried Greek yogurt with starch, Greek yogurt with starch and coconut oil, and Greek yogurt with coconut powder But none of these really worked that great.

Greek yogurt with starch was the best, but it just wasn’t firm enough and sort of cracked after dried. So, I’m going to use agar powder. These are what you need 2 cups of milk. You might want to use pet milk or lactose free one. 2 table spoons of agar powder and some natural food colorings. I bought them at a store, but you can make them home by drying out vegetables or fruits and grinding them. For the red color I’ve got beat powder, Sweet pumpkin powder for yellow a combination of these two for orange, Carob powder for the brown. Since I didn’t find a proper blue coloring for dogs I made it myself and I want to share you how to. First, grab a red cabbage and cut them into pieces.


Boil them in water until they become like this. Sift it to get this deep purple color and mix a little bit of baking soda and watch what happens. I put around a 1/4 teaspoon of it and I got this blue color. I will mix this blue and the yellow powder coloring to get green. Now put the agar powder into milk and stir gently. Leave this for about 20 minutes to let the agar powder bloom a bit. Then microwave it for around 2 minutes. You can also boil it in a pan, but I prefer it microwaving. If you take it out of the microwave you might get these lumps. Stir them until you don’t see any of those. Repeat this once or twice more. Since the blue coloring is liquid unlike other ones, I am going to poor the coloring first. Add some milk to get the color you like and then some agar powder. The ratio is good when you have a cup of liquid with a table spoon of agar powder. Do the same for the blue mixture. Bloom for a while, microwave, stir and microwave again and stir. Poor the white agar milk mixture into separate bowls. Leave some of it because you are going to write “m” letter with this.

With this leftover let me start mixing red. Sift the powder so that you get evenly mixed nice liquid. Do the same for other ones as well mix yellow and blue to get the green color. Pick up a beef meatball and dip it into the coloring you want. You might want to hold it upside down a little to let it sit a bit And then place it on a sponge to let it dry. As you coat the balls you will see that these agar mixtures get solid at room temperature. Stir them enough before you dip into them. If it’s too solid like this one, just microwave it to soften it up again. But don’t make it too hot because the coat will be dripping. There were some mistakes in placing the balls, so I relocated them a little. Now time to dip the big one. I fully covered it with red coloring and tried to smooth out the surface, but I wasn’t really good at it. Anyway, this is the result! I love how the colors turned out. Dry them before writing the “m” letter.


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