How To Prepare Homemade Dog Food?

Homemade Dog Food

Sustaining your dog the best diet you can will keep him more advantageous. Insights demonstrate he will live longer than he would if given the run of the mill American dog food diet. The normal American diet for a dog is dry kibble it’s pressed loaded with additives, food shading, foods unfit for human utilization even medications from euthanized creatures. Realizing what a solid diet is will help keep your vet charges lower and your buddy close by for a more extended timeframe. Remember the action level and age of your dog. More dynamic dogs require more calories. More established dogs require less fat and protein. Sheep would be a superior decision rather than meat with a dog that necessities less calories. A turn diet help keep allergies from framing to one food compose. Feed fish then chicken at that point meat or some other blend.

Firstly, you need 300g corn starch, Two eggs, A dog bone shape mode 500g chicken breast tenderloins, About 100g frozen green peas, About 100g frozen sweet corn, An egg whisk.  Offer, keep patient Waiting for me, Okay? With Offer’s eager eyes I cut the chicken breast into small cubes. Chicken thigh is also a good choice here but I feel chicken breast can be healthier for her. After the minced chicken breast is finished get a big bowl or something like that put all the ingredients into it. Corn meal is actually a good choice to replace the corn starch but I do not have any corn meal, so In fact, I did not weigh the green peas and the sweet corn. Just follow your feeling. You can also add some minced seaweed Minced carrots. Some dry dog food your dog is not willing to eat because it is so hard to mix the ingredients I realized that I forgot to add some water. Then, I added too much water do not add this much water like me.

Finished Mixture

The finished mixture should look like this It is very thick But not too thick to be stirred by the egg whisk. Offer, do you like the smell? Then, get a flat plate Brush a little olive oil on the surface of the plate. The oil will help us peeling the dog food off the plate. Transfer the mixture into the plate Form a 0.5-inches-thick pastry in each plate. Now, steam them I steamed two plates of pastry for 20 minutes. You can decide the time by how much pastry you have Offer is drinking water.  Is she cute? These are finished dog food. Use a knife carefully assisting you to peel the dog food off the plates. This Step is not difficult, but please be careful I used a dog bone shape mode to cut the dog food into a cute bone shape Bone for dogs Not bone from dogs, alright? I cut the left dog food with a small heart shape mode, so it will not be wasted. It really looks like a Japanese dish for my cute Offer. The finished homemade dog food can be kept in the refrigerator for at least one or two weeks in a zip-lock Is this natural and healthy homemade dog food really easy to make?


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