Is Garlic Good For My Dog?


As a lady who adores to cook and to eat, I am excited to find out about all the awesome medical advantages of my most loved flavoring. I cook for every one of the individuals from my family and that incorporates our textured children. My dogs eat a sound cooked, common human review dog food that I get ready. For a considerable length of time garlic has been utilized as a blood tonic. There has as of late been contention over sustaining dogs garlic. An excess of can cause an illness called hemolytic weakness. Excessively, implies 50 cloves at one time – that is excessively for anybody! Moderate utilization of one or 2 cloves for each 50lb dog a couple of times each week has such a significant number of advantages. Presently even the AAFCO (American Association of Feed Control Officials) perceives garlic as sheltered. The AAFCO assembles data from proficient toxicologists from the whole US and is in charge of checking the security of creature feed items.

Garlic is always blamed for a crime of one of his relatives when you look online all the articles which said garlic is bad starts with saying garlic belong to the same family onions belong too and because onion is bad for dogs then garlic is and when you look in the medical evidence they use you find that they are still speaking about onions. So I went and done my own research as usual and what I found was amazing. I came out with three findings

  1. Finding number one: Garlic have a lot of amazing benefits for dogs such as: Garlic is an anti-fungal, antiviral, anti-parasitic & an antibacterial. Garlic boosts the immune system & it significantly helps in stopping the growth of mammary gland tumors in dogs. Garlic makes dogs less desirable to fleas.
  2. The second finding is: One clove of garlic (3 grams) for every 9 -10 kilograms (9 kg is roughly 20 pounds) of body weight is a very good daily amount for your dog, so if your dog is around 4-5 kilograms so its half a clove daily and if your dog is 18 -20 kilograms so it is two cloves daily and so on.
  3. The third finding is: what happens if we gave more than the recommended daily amount. As I said the recommended amount is a clove of garlic which is 3 grams in weight for every 9 to 10 kg when we multiply that by 15 times for seven days we start to see a bad effect. This simply means if we gave 15 cloves of garlic instead of one clove for 7 days in a raw garlic become bad for your dog.

None of those studies did prove or say that garlic cause Hemolytic Anemia in dogs and they actually proved that garlic have a significant effect on stopping the growth of mammary gland tumors in dog which is equivalent to breast cancer in humans so as long as we stick the recommended amount we get all of the good benefits of garlic and none of the bad side effects. I would recommend using fresh garlic but If you want to use garlic extract instead of fresh garlic. When using fresh garlic add it to your dogs food after cooking not before cooking as fresh garlic is much better than baked garlic.


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