Original Grain-Free Dry Dog Food

Grain-Free Food

The measure of meat, initially utilized as a part of dry dog food, has been extraordinarily diminished throughout the most recent decade and has been supplanted with shabby and conceivably hurtful oat and grain items by numerous lower quality dog food organizations. Nutritionally, how every individual dog forms the supplements that are in these items enormously relies upon how simple to process every one of the specific grains might be. The genuine measure of supplements your dog may get particularly relies upon what the sum and sort of filler in the brand you are bolstering a dog.

Dogs can as a rule retain the greater part of the starches in specific grains, for example, white rice, yet can’t process huge numbers of the others like nut shells. As much as 20% of the nutritional estimation of different grains, for example, oats, beans and wheat can be poor or lost totally. The nutritional estimation of corn and potatoes is additionally substantially less than that of rice. What’s more, some different ingredients utilized as filler in dry dog food, for example, nut shells, cotton bodies, plumes, and so forth have definitely no nutritional esteem at all, and are just used to hold the dry dog food pieces together or just to influence your dog to feel full! These fillers can be destructive to your dog but, there are numerous deceitful makers who utilize them, in any case.

I’ll admit that I’m pretty picky about my dog’s food, and Orijen is by far my favorite. In particular what I love about this is the high quality protein sources that you’ll get with this brand of food. So what is amazing is that if you look at the ingredient list, the first 15 ingredients are going to come from high quality animal protein sources. So there are things like chicken. There’s turkey. There’s whole fish and whole eggs. It’s a really good quality protein for your dog.

Organ Meat

Another unique feature of this brand is that they take a whole prey philosophy so that means that there’s actually also organ meat and cartilage in the food. So this again just helps to diversify the quality of protein that your dog is going to get to help them be as healthy and happy as possible.


Another key selling point for me why I feed Orijen is the carbohydrates so it’s pretty limited carbohydrates — only about 19 percent in the food and the sources are excellent so there things like chickpeas and lentils and green peas. It’s just a feature that I particularly enjoy for my dog. The Orijen brands of food also always contain good sources of fruits and vegetables as well so things like kale, apple and carrot again good sources of phyto nutrients good for your dog’s health.

No Probiotics

A couple other added benefits is that Orijen does add some probiotics and also some glucosamine and chondroitin for your dog, as well. So my dog, Rue, is not particularly picky, but in my experience even if you do have a picky dog, the Orijen brand is super palatable so I would definitely give it a try. Another thing you can always count on with Orijen is that there’s going to be you no rendered meat products so, all of their meat is either fresh, raw or dehydrated.


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