Raw Dog Food Feed and Suitability For Senior Dogs

Senior Dogs Foods

Fiber is essential to a dogs wellbeing as it helps flush out poisons from their body rapidly and proficiently through standard defecations. Great levels of fiber likewise do the preparation for the stomach related framework, preparing it and in the most ideal state for its next supper. In any case, there are two more foods that you should incorporate into your raw dog food diet – leafy foods! Liver is loaded with vitamins, minerals and different supplements, for example, b12, zinc, iron and omega 3 unsaturated fats that all add to helping your dog keep up quality and in addition keeping its body fit and at the right weight.

Natural product then again supplies your dog with great levels of vitamin C which causes the insusceptible framework to work at the ideal level. Free radicals are rebuked for causing disease and propelling the indications of maturing. The uplifting news for your dog is that by nourishing them a lot of hostile to oxidant containing organic products, for example, berries; these conditions can be impeded as well as anticipated. The accurately arranged raw dog food diet furnishes your dog with every one of the vitamins and minerals it requirements for each phase of life. Moreover, when encouraged in the correct extents, you won’t have to stress over giving your dogs’ vitamin supplements or some other wellbeing added substances – separated from adoration for course!

How much you should feed your dog really depends on several things, their age, their weight at the moment, whether or not they need to lose weight or gain weight and their activity levels, and their general lifestyle. But as a rule, an adult dog should be eating between two and 3% of its body weight, depending on, I’ve said, how energetic it is, how many walks it has a day, whether or not it just prefers to snooze on the sofa all day long. A puppy will need more, up to 4% of their weight once they’re really into their growth as well.

When they’re really first weaned, it can be between six and 8% of their growth, but then it will tailor off and by a year, a puppy’s generally considered to be an adult so it’s at that point that they’d start to be eating between two and 3% of their body weight per day. A really easy way to work that out is to take their weight in kilos, double it, and add a zero, and that will give you the amount of grams that they need to eat per day. Say, for example, my boxer Dexter is 25 kilos, so if we double that to 50 and then add a zero, that’s 500 grams of food that he would eat a day.

Is Raw Dog Food Suitable For Senior Dogs?

Senior dogs can really benefit from a raw food diet and we believe it’s never too late to switch. It might take a little bit longer to go through the process to actually switch them onto a raw food diet especially if they’ve become used to one flavor over a long period of time, but it can certainly be done. You can also look for a range of senior raw foods which contain things like glucosamine and chondroitin for their joints, as well and really, they can still benefit from all the things that an adult or a puppy can with raw food so it can start to clean their teeth better which will ultimately mean fewer trips to the vet and it will dramatically improve their digestive health and that will also improve their immune system at the same time, so yes, we really believe that senior dogs can have a great life on a raw food diet.


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