Safe and Unsafe Foods For Dogs To Eat Or Avoid


Toxic Foods


Let’s start with a food that is unsafe for your dog to eat and that is avocado, I actually found that to be really surprising because avocados are so healthy for humans but apparently not for dogs, avocados are toxic to dogs because they contain Persin in their leaves, seeds, bark, fruit. you want to make sure that they’re not eating avocados because you don’t want to poison your dog that includes guacamole, don’t give them any guacamole.

Grapes And Raisins

Another food that is toxic to dogs is grapes and raisins, again these are things that you have in your house all the time. You wouldn’t even give a second thought to giving a child a raisin or easting a grape, they can actually cause your dog’s kidneys to fail and shut down which ultimately causes death. So you definitely want to make sure that you’re not dropping grapes or raisins on the floor and allowing them to eat it because it’s not good.

Onions And Garlic

Onions and garlic are again toxic to your dog, believe it or not onion and garlic destroys a dog’s red blood cells which ultimately leads to anemia. They can become very weak, breathless, vomit everywhere; you don’t want to give those onions and garlic!

High Fatty Foods

Next up is high fatty foods like bacon and bacon fat. High-fat foods like bacon can cause pancreatitis in dogs and also fatty foods generally contain a lot of salt and salts will make your dog very thirsty and drink a lot more water than they should, which will make them bloat and can ultimately be fatal.


as for this next one I’m sure you’ve all heard it before if you own a dog but chocolate is lethal to your dog, do not give your dog chocolate, I hope I’m going to pronounce this correctly but in chocolate there’s Theabromine. It’s fine for humans but for a dog it is not good, this is found more in dark chocolate and baking chocolate, it can cause your dog to have abnormal heart rhythms as well as tremors, seizures, which again ultimately lead to death. So keep chocolate away from your dog.

Beneficial Foods


Now on to something a bit more positive, apples are a food that your dog can eat and so long as you cut away the inside and remove all the seeds. They are a very healthy nutritious fruit for dogs just like they are for humans, although saying that she’s now gone camera shy and has decided not to eat the apple, thank you Ellie, but she does light them normally.


Staying on the fruit theme, watermelon is a great fruit for your dog to eat, the main thing you want to do is just get rid of any seeds that are inside the watermelon and you don’t want the dog to eat the rind of the watermelon but otherwise it’s a really healthy, nutritious, refreshing fruit your dog to eat.

Peanut Butter

again another food that you may have already heard of is peanut butter, Ellie loves peanut butter, absolutely loves it, it’s great to put in her treats, in her Kong it entices her to eat her food, got lots of protein in there, I always make sure that I go to my local pet store and get peanut butter that is specifically made for dogs to eat because you never know what could be put in there, it could be extra salt if it’s human peanut butter.


Another food that is safe for your dog to eat in small quantities is cheese, who’d have thought? Now I just want to say cheese is not suitable for all dogs if your dog has intolerance to dairy or needs to be lactose free you don’t want to give it to your dog but Ellie is absolutely fine with cheese. Again small quantities as a treat every now and then there’s nothing wrong with it, you don’t want to be giving them moldy cheese either just stick to plain cheddar or something that’s nice and fresh wolfing it down, wolfing it down!

Sweet Potato

And finally another food that is safe for your dog to eat is sweet potato so long as it’s been thoroughly cooked and the skin has been removed because they don’t really like that, I know a lot of dog treats that you can buy already contain sweet potato.


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