What Are RAW Vs DRY Dog Food?


Looking at this pack of dry dog food it is 100% complete and balanced nutrition made in Australia with Australian meat and looking at the back it’s protein rich calcium enriched low in fat and it’s got good immune support That sounds pretty good but the proof is in the ingredients. Let’s take a look and see what goes into it.

  • The #1 ingredient in this dog food is cereal by-products.
  • The #2 ingredient is meat and meat by-products which can be poultry, poultry by-product
  • The #3 ingredient is vegetable and vegetable by-products. But get this:
  • The #4 ingredient is sugar which is crazy!
  • The #5 ingredient is humectants which aren’t actually a food.

it’s something they put in dry dog food to keep the moisture All the rest of the ingredients are chemical additives like orthophosphoric acid. That’s pretty much what goes into a dry dog food. So let’s compare that to a high quality raw dog food. I have here some excellent Whoa Nelly! This dog food is gut friendly, grain free and it gives your dog healthy firm poos. It’s made with local and organic produce and the packaging is 100% biodegradable. But let’s see what goes into it.

  1. The #1 ingredient is kangaroo.
  2. #2 is pastured chicken.

Then we have organic seasonal fruit and vegetables Kangaroo organs Mackerel, pastured eggs and Nelly Belly which is the fermented food product that we put in our food that makes it so good for the gut So there you go that’s kind of the difference between these two foods. Looking at what makes up this food it’s mostly by-products and a by-product is what’s left over after you process a food so a meat by-product is you get an animal and you take all the meat off it and that’s a meat by-product what you’ve got left it’s very cheap, very low nutritional quality and it’s really not a very good basis for your dogs diet. That’s what most dry foods are. So you compare that to a good quality raw food that’s made up of whole ingredients and in the case of Whoa Nelly!


All of the nutrition comes from the ingredients it doesn’t have any synthetic additives or anything to boost it up it’s all just good quality ingredients Which I guess is the thing. If you talk to a vet about feeding raw dog food their biggest concern is that it needs to be complete and balanced like this dry food here. What we would say though is that just throwing a synthetic additive at a poor quality dog food doesn’t make for good nutrition. This is really low quality ingredients but they put the synthetic vitamins in to make it up to the AAFCO standards but the body just can’t absorb those synthetic nutrients. There’s other ingredients in here too like humectants That actually makes it harder to absorb nutrition so it’s really not the best thing for your dog Feeding a raw diet is absolutely the best thing you just need to make sure that it is balanced and complete nutritionally so it’s got all the nutrition they need. I would recommend Whoa Nelly!


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