Why Storing Your Dog Food Is Critical For Its Freshness?

Dog Food Freshness

Dog food stockpiling holders that work best as indicated by your requirements are not hard to discover at all once you have build up what you have to purchase. There is a variety of holders accessible in a wide choice that varies from appearance, shape and certain characteristics or highlights. Notwithstanding, whatever your decision might be you have to ensure that you purchase a holder that is reasonable as indicated by the amount of dog food you have to store. So as to settle on a legitimate choice before you go out and purchase a dog food stockpiling compartment you have to consider what kind of material will be appropriate and normally the size it should be and would it be anything but difficult to move should it be vital and will it be conceivable to stacked it if necessary. Is the structure of the holder sufficiently extreme to support rehashed utilize, seeing that you will utilize it regular?

I started researching the pet industry about three years ago after my dogs got sick on food that I purchased. I then invested in more education and became a certified pet food nutrition specialist. I want to help your pets live longer and healthier so they can stay with you longer. So, why is storage so important?

Storage Bag

The biggest Tip that I can give to you today and for your takeaway is keep the food inside the bag that it comes in. This bag that your food comes in is made to help keep the food fresh. Even if you get food that is fresh and the food that I get is no more than six weeks old because it’s made in small batches, no matter how fresh it is, if I don’t store it properly the food will go bad. You want to also keep your food out of direct sunlight or where it’s really hot. For example, you don’t want to put your food in the basement if it’s really hot down there.

Sun Protection

You want to keep it in a cool room out of the sunlight. What will also help keep it fresh is to use another container that you can take the entire bag of food and just put it right inside that container. I use a container that looks like a small garbage pail, it’s steel, it has a locking lid, and it’s a 10 gallon steel can that will hold a 20 pound bag. So I just take that whole bag and put it right inside the can. As it is, the foods that you’re getting in the stores are usually six to seven months old already before they even go on the shelves.


So, the nutrition could already be degraded and if it’s not stored properly, it will degrade even more. So that is my Tip for today on storing your pet food. Keep it in the bag that it comes in and get an airtight container that you can put the bag of food into. Amazon has a ton of options for you. I will post the one that I’m using. Just make sure you can put the entire bag in and keep the food inside the bag.


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